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Through the ASICS TENKAN-TEN Growth Catalyst we combine the creative spirit and drive of external innovators with the scale and expertise of ASICS.
Together, we will grow projects that will move people across the world.

Let´s move the world together!
We strive to inspire hope and purpose, improving society and empowering people through movement, sport and well-being.
A sound mind and a sound body as essentials for life's journey.

What we

People who want to innovate, transform and redefine the Sports & Wellness industry; creating synergies with our values and vision.

Initiatives that fit under the scope of our ANIMA SANA IN CORPORE SANO philosophy (A Sound Mind in a Sound Body) to support and cultivate.

- New products & services
- New technologies
- New procedures
- New business models
- New consumer experiences

From Digital Platforms to Wearables.
From Sports & Wellness to Training & Health.
From new materials to new forms of consumer interaction.

The ASICS TENKAN-TEN program catalyses your growth if you already passed the MVP phase, market validation and have certain traction.

TENKAN-TEN philosophy.

TENKAN-TEN 転換点 - Japanese for tipping point.

How little things can make a big difference -
when the unexpected becomes a reality.

The tipping point is the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.

The TENKAN-TEN program by ASICS guides you through this process by offering the tools you need to catalyse your growth and tip your company towards success.

Key Facts

Financial Support

Money is not the most important thing in life, but it can make a difference.

We are "tipping" you straight to the "point" with 30,000€ in cash in benefit of your project.


Network & Ecosystem

The TENKAN-TEN program will connnect you to a global network of retail distribution, high level executives, venture capitalists, industry experts, successfull founders and media contacts.


Top level mentors and entrepreneurs in residence are going to focus on your total development and challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone.

Their knowledge and experience transformed for you into reliable advice and recommendations - to make an genuine contribution to the development of your project.


We will craft a personal plan for you to increase your performance and make sure you are on track to raise your next round of funding.

We will teach you about specific issues and coach you on particular skills to facilitate your growth - from strategy and innovative thinking to team building and strong leadership.

The ASICS House

Welcome to the ASICS Innovation Hub EMEA.

2500 sqm of Sports & Well-Being in the heart of Barcelona

- including a 200 sqm gym and work out area and many other special features and amenities.


Eat well, train together, perform better.

A personalized Sound Mind, Sound Body™ plan will be ready for you which includes personal trainer sessions, a nutritional plan and free access to our gym and sports facilities.

Already feeling the heat of the investment desert Pre- Series A?

We move you out of this trouble towards growth!

What to expect.


The Deal

No surprises - you continue controlling your company.

What we offer:

30,000€ financial support.

High performance services.

Free coworking spaces at our offices in Barcelona.

What we ask in return:

• Right to convert loan and services in shares of your company at a 20% discount.

• Right to carry out additional investments in your company.

• Right to appoint an observer in the board.

• Right of first negotiation.


The Requirements

Growth catalyst.

• At least one of the founders is required to attend the program on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (founder rotations are possible)

• You already passed the MVP phase, market validation and have certain traction.

•Your project fits with the values of ASICS and the Sound Mind, Sound Body™ philosophy.

• You completed all information requested on the application form.


Important Dates



April 8th - June 9th 2019


Screening &

June 9th - July 19th 2019


Kick Off TENKAN-TEN Program.

September 13th 2019



February 3rd - 7th 2020

After the program

Post Catalyst.

We don´t want you to struggle during the transition from the fast growth sprint to the marathon that follows the Demo Tour´s fundraising.

The ASICS TENKAN-TEN approach is therefore planned to not abandon you after the batch and to make sure that your post catalyst abilities stay inline with your confidence.


For this precise reason, we have put an alumni mentorship program in place. This will help you with your further sustainable growth strategy and enable you to think about your company’s next 10 years rather than only focussing on the following month.

To make sure growth continues after the program, you can count on ASICS Global teams’ follow-up support to make the transition smooth and steady in the long run.

The TENKAN-TEN experience:
by the Startups of 2018

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Inspiring movement through innovation for
a Sound Mind in a Sound Body


Our Team


Emilio Risques

Emilio Risques

Vice President New Business & Innovation EMEA at ASICS. Formerly: CEO ASICS France & General Manager ASICS Iberia.

Sébastien Lefebvre

Sébastien Lefebvre

Director-Growth Drivers Ltd, Formerly Director of Growth Twitter, Founder and CEO Mesagraph, Angel Investor.

Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva

Entrepreneur, Founding Partner YNN Ventures, Investor and Advisor

Julien Callede

Julien Callede

Entrepreneur / Board member / Coach / Investor. Co-founder at MADE.com, Leaseum Partners, WeWhoDo.


Alistair Cameron

Alistair Cameron

CEO ASICS EMEA, Executive Officer ASICS Corporation Senior General Manager Geography Strategy Division Chairman of Haglöfs

Hiroaki Kageyama

Hiroaki Kageyama

President and Chief Investment Officer at ASICS Ventures Corporation.

Dan Smith

Dan Smith

President and General Manager
ASICS Digital & Formerly CEO
& COO Runkeeper.

Carsten Unbehaun

Carsten Unbehaun

CEO Haglöfs AB
& Member of the Board

​Johann Völkers

​Johann Völkers

Founder & CEO at ORBIT - orbitdigital.de
Formerly: First Investor & Head of International at mytaxi.

Gary Raucher

Gary Raucher

Executive Vice President, Head of Product, Marketing, and Merchandising at ASICS EMEA

Robert Vermin

Robert Vermin

Chief Administrative Officer
ASICS EMEA & Member of the
Board at ASICS EMEA.

Jon Gilman

Jon Gilman

Vice President Product
at Runkeeper.


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