Runnin’ City.

Runnin’City by Mile Positioning Solutions, was created by Olivier Lebleu and Christophe Minodier, 2 passionate sportsmen, and of course, runners.
They had their simple but genius idea during one of their many business trips.

Runnin’City is an award-winning smartphone app that allows its users to visit hundreds of cities around the world, on the 5 continents, while running or walking. Runnin’City guides the user through the city with its vocal GPS and comments every point of interest as the user runs past. It features real-time pollution and allergies levels on the way, touristic tours, training tours, challenges and rewards.
Runnin’City’s mission is to give its users a reason to run.

Over 450 running tours
around the world. For Free.

The Startup.

How it works:

1) Lace up your running shoes and pop in your headphones.

2) Launch the Runnin'City route of your choice.

3) Start running! The audio GPS instructions will guide you.

4) Listen up: the audio guide will tell you everything you need to know about the city and its monuments, neighbourhoods, parks etc.

5) Take a shower and go impress your friends with your new-found cultural knowledge! 

Team & Founders.

Olivier & Christophe, co-founders, Mile.
Mile specialise in creating mobile apps that combine geographical positioning with data relating to tourism, pollution, weather, health etc. Our goal? To improve the well-being, fitness, health, cultural knowledge and safety of our apps' users.

Our vision is to use geographical positioning to make people's live simpler and better.

About the team.
There are 18 of us in the Runnin’City team, with experts in content creation, marketing, sales and R&D, all passionate by digital, tourism and running.

What does TENKAN-TEN mean to Runnin' City?

“The TENKAN-TEN Program meant a lot of hard work, but definitely worth doing. If you have the opportunity to be selected for the ASICS TENKAN-TEN Program I would not hesitate a second to do it!” – Olivier Lebleu, CEO & Co-Founder Runnin' City

About Runnin’ City.

Runnin'City helps you discover over 150 cities around the world while running - Olivier Lebleu, CEO &