Established in 2014 by all-round talent Regina Polanco and run by Y-generation women, PYRATES smart fabrics is a true exception, as it provides the solution to protecting our bodies from the polluted, aggressive external elements that surround us through its PYRATEX®: a textile, health-benefitting armour that protects and cares for the wearer’s body.

The brand develops and supplies its PYRATEX® to other brands through collaborations, as well as creating the garments for PYRATES, its unisex luxury Athleisure brand, with elegant pieces, focusing on its unique fabrics' behaviour through its silhouettes, combining a timeless perspective with subtle attitudes and exploring the strength of minimalistic shapes that speak to discretion and are based on understated basics of uncompromising quality.

PYRATES smart fabrics is a high-end athleisure
brand and PYRATEX® smart fabrics supplier.

The Startup.

Incredibly soft, PYRATEX® smart fabrics are developed in Italy in a traditional cashmere knitting factory, thus mixing innovation and tradition. Made with natural fibres from plants, algae or other elements found in nature, the unique fabrics have active components, with properties such as skin cell regeneration, immune system boost or improvement of blood circulation, amongst others.

PYRATES smart fabrics' natural technology has made it the textile pioneer it is today, at the forefront of the production chain and one of the leaders of the textile revolution currently taking place globally.

Team & Founders.

Regina Polanco, founder of PYRATES smart fabrics is a young Spanish entrepreneur based in Madrid. Travelling and living in many countries opened Regina’s eyes to the challenges and convictions of other Millennials like her, leading her to create PYRATES in Switzerland in 2014. Although a Law and Politics graduate, being curious and audacious led her to transform the brand by developing PYRATEX® smart fabrics, making it the innovative, health-benefitting, wellness-centered brand it is today. Her experience allows her to understand her consumers, their need to care for their health and their desire to consume in a conscious and sustainable manner.

Big projects and ideas take time. It is important to stay focused, as well as open to advice and constructive criticism - Regina Polanco, Founder Pyrates

What does TENKAN-TEN mean to Pyrates?

Having the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with an inspiring big corporation like ASICS is a dream come true. The TENKAN-TEN Program is amazing, it really takes you to the next level as a startup in terms of business strategy and growth as well as developing great team management skills. Go for it!” – Regina Polanco, Founder Pyrates

About Pyrates.

At PYRATES smart fabrics, we want to improve health and wellbeing through textile, and be at the forefront of making fashion the sustainable and health-benefitting industry it has the potential to be

We can’t wait to show the world what results of the huge opportunity that is our collaboration with Asics, a brand that shares our values of wellbeing and the importance of taking care of oneself