One of the most important benefits of machine learning, is that it offers new ways to extract predictive value from existing data. For example, with advent of machine learning, we can now accurately identify cancerous nodules in MRI scans better than trained experts, or detect depression via speech. It follows that existing datasets and the traditional tools used to collect this information (e.g., video camera; MRI scanner) now have far more diagnostic value. For example, the camera on your mobile phone can now function as an accurate diagnostic tool, but only when combined with specialized machine learning techniques.

The future of measuring the human
body is computer vision.

The Startup.

Curv Labs is on the frontier of building machine learning solutions that transform the camera in your mobile device, into a versatile tool for understanding how humans move, and what outcomes occur from those movement (e.g., sore knee).

Specifically, Curv aims to maximize the diagnostic value of the camera to assess human movement, and in turn, injury potential and athletic ability (e.g., throwing velocity, gait analysis, jump height, ankle instability, and more). These breakthroughs are democratizing access to the best health and performance insights.

Currently, the Curv platform enables markerless motion capture of human movement from any video captured from a mobile device. As it nears its first year in business, Curv has hit C$500,000 in annual recurring revenue by licensing its core technology to major groups across the world. Composed of award-winning scientists and experts in computer vision, the Curv team is on a mission to build better & healthier bodies across the world.

Team & Founders.

Curv is composed of award winning scientists in computer science and kinesiology. Shea, the Chief Executive Officer, holds an interdisciplinary PhD from Dalhousie University, and a Banting Research Fellowship from University of Toronto. He’s a notable speaker, having spoken at international conferences including twice at MIT Sloan. Shea was born and raised on an island in rural Nova Scotia and is a former elite athlete and coach. Jason, the Chief Science Officer, has extensive experience in applied science and complex problem solving, especially in machine learning. As part of small teams, Jason has won multiple DARPA and national defence contracts to implement machine learning solutions targeting both “big” and “small” data.

Get ahead of the Curv

What does TENKAN-TEN mean to Curv?

Without a doubt, ASICS TENKAN-TEN has been a phenomenal experience and I would highly recommend it to any growth stage company. If you’re at that stage where you really need to find product market fit, it’s a superb opportunity” – Shea Balish, CEO & Founder Curv

About Curv.

Machine intelligence is going to help everyone build better, healthier bodies