ROXs is a revolutionary interactive, mobile fitness Console that can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels to train, play and move.

It consists of wirelessly connected high tech pods, that come with different sensors inside, light and sound effects. The pods are controlled by an App.

In the App the users can chose from different contents:

  • General Fitness
  • Sports specific drills
  • Active games for kids and families


I love technology and I also like to keep myself and my son active. This is why I am so passionate about making ROXs rock! I want everyone to enjoy getting active with A-Champs and ROXs. – Wayne Lin, Co-Founder & CTO.

The Startup.

Professional athletes, trainers, sports teams and every day people all over the globe are using ROXs to work out and train in an effective and fun way. ROXs bring flash- reflex technology – traditionally only affordable for top professional athletes – to everybody.

Apart from fitness and training ROXs can be used to stimulate active play for kids and families. It’s all about using the excitement of technology and gamification to stimulate Play that gets body and mind moving.

Team & Founders.

At A-Champs we are concerned that sedentary and screen addicted lifestyles threaten the health and happiness of people young and old all over the globe.

A-Champs’ mission is to change that and to get families moving.
We are camouflaging physical activity as Interactive PLAY. Our tool is ROXs – a revolutionary interactive, mobile fitness console that uses the excitement of sensor technology and video gaming play patterns to stimulate old and young to play, move and train while having fun.

A-Champs vision is to help families all over the globe to create active lifestyle habits that are the base for living happy and healthy lives.

About Tenkan-Ten.

“ASICS’ Tenkan-Ten programme is an excellent opportunity to increase the number of our users on a large scale, and to give us worldwide visibility within a short space of time. Thanks to their team of experts, the programme will most definitely allow us to accelerate growth, as well as help us to raise the necessary funds for our ambitious development plans. »

About A-Champs.

“ASICS’ I Move Me campaign is in perfect alignment with A-Champs' mission to "Get families moving”. The Tenkan-Ten program kickstarted several projects with the Asics Group and is helping us on a daily base to set up our company for success. A true Accelerator.” - Kilian Saekel, Founder