Replace the body of text with the following: A-Champs are the makers of ROXs. ROXs is the world’s first Cognitive, Neurophysical Training System that uses light, sound and haptic cues to train brain and body. It consists of wirelessly connected high tech pods, that come with different sensors inside, light and sound effects. The pods are controlled by an App.

The underlying training methodology is called Flash-Reflex Technology and is used by professional athletes all over the world to train body and brain. But so far those systems were unaffordable for the average trainer or coach. And this is where ROXs comes to play: It’s an affordable solution which helps trainers and coaches to create not only stronger and faster but also smarter athletes.


I love technology and I also like to keep myself and my son active. This is why I am so passionate about making ROXs rock! I want everyone to enjoy getting active with A-Champs and ROXs. – Wayne Lin, Co-Founder & CTO.

The Startup.

A-Champs is an Asics and Hong Kong government backed start-up with offices in Menlo Park, Barcelona, Hong Kong and Shanghai. After 2.5 years of R&D and rigorous user testing A-Champs recently launched ROXs PRO. Based on a survey of hundreds of trainers and coaches who tested and used ROXs Pro the main benefits of the system are:

  • ROXs Pro increases the value of any training as it adds a cognitive training element.
  • ROXs Pro can be used by people of all ages and fitness level.
  • ROXs Pro increases the engagement athletes by making any kind of workout more fun, interactive and adds variation to the routine.
  • ROXs Pro makes Flash Reflex Training affordable which so far was only available for professional athletes.
  • ROXs Pro gives the possibility to stand out with innovative training technology.
  • ROXs Pro is a tool that allows trainers to 100% focus on their athletes, no more rep counting or signal shouting.
  • ROXs Pro records measurable results and allows to track and compare performance.
  • Combined with a trainers experience and creativity there are unlimited possibilities to train.

Team & Founders.

The A-Champs Team consists of Hackers, Nerds, Athletes, and Product Development professionals and has developed and sold sports goods and wearables worth more than US$ 100M to the biggest global retailers and brands in the last 10 years.

What does TENKAN-TEN mean to A-Champs?

"The TENKAN-TEN Program really transformed our business. I would definitely recommend it to any startup in the Sports &Well-Being field, it really helps you to bring your business to the next level" - Kilian Saekel, Founder A-Champs

About A-Champs.

“ASICS’ I Move Me campaign is in perfect alignment with A-Champs' mission to "Get families moving”. The Tenkan-Ten program kickstarted several projects with the Asics Group and is helping us on a daily base to set up our company for success. A true Accelerator.”