The Startups.

Engaging in children’s healthy lifestyles, reinventing customers body/life balance, the rise of the smart fabrics and a breathtaking athleisure wear collection, enabling travelling professionals to maintain their daily sports routine, and combining AI with motion capturing apps - all sectors ASICS has chosen to take under “its wings” and align perfectly with their new identity I MOVE ME that ​sets out to present a contemporary expression of its founding vision and philosophy to a new generation of consumers. I MOVE ME aims to bring people together and inspire them to be healthy and happy through movement.


To broaden the horizon of consumer segments and target markets, the startup A-Champs focuses on getting kids moving and enabling them to live healthier lifestyles. CEO Kilian Saekel and his wife Anika quit their corporate jobs nearly 10 years ago and launched a product development company, but as the company was on the rise, Anika fell ill with cancer. After a year of battling the spread cancer, Anika’s body went into remission, yet it left great awareness in the couple.Especially as soon as the first of their 2 adorable children was born, had they noticed how important leading healthy lifestyles is and ensuring their kids are raised with the best possible chance at life. A-Champs is a real-life gaming system does exactly this. The attractive products offer app-lead competitions, games and activities and does not only animate children to be active, yet involves and motivates entire families to participate and get moving. The products have currently gone into their first mass production round.


The hype of the Superfoods - from Acaí to Chia to Cacao, Turmeric, Quinoa and Kale: The hyper boom everyone talks about and tries at least once, but protecting and enhancing the body through its largest organ - the skin - by inventing Super-garments, do few. The founder, Regina Polanco, who has travelled the globe to find the most specialized cashmere weavers to make her visions come to life and produce the garments through their unique weaving techniques, is making a change and disrupting the athleisure industry by envisioning fairness, sustainability and comfort. The 2-way business of Pyrates, the athleisure wear and Pyratex, the fibers, is set out to create a (comfortable) uniform of a new generation.


Busy, overworked, inactive societies have been giving the chance to make their daily routines a tad bit easier by enhancing the body/life balance with Entrenarme, founded by the duo and specialists in the Sports Industry, Diego Moya and Sebastien Borreani, is a booming global marketplace enabling its users to find the ideal coach and studio to train in. Entrenarme gets people moving through its easiness and functionality that has highest priority on tailor-matching everything from training to nutrition to rehabilitation to the customer’s needs. It’s simple - users search for trainers and centres near them, compare prices, hours and availability, read reviews and chose the best suitable option - and empowers the vision and mission of ASICS completely.


Many sports teams have turned to intricate analytics and data to understand athletic performances and fitness levels. A whole industry of athletic wearables that accumulate metrics have blossomed and become near universal for elite sports teams across the world, however these remain expensive and out-of-reach for the average consumer. Shea Balish, a native of Lockeport, Nova Scotia (a tiny fishing village with just over 500 residents, yet absolutely sports obsessed, especially when it comes to basketball) PhD in Sports and Exercise and dedicated his entire career in studying sports, a Banting Fellow at the University of Toronto, an expert in kinesiology as well as sports psychology, saw an opportunity to disrupt and scrap the need of needing wearables altogether, and that is exactly what he did. He developed an app named Curv in Toronto, which happens to be the absolute hub for machine learning. Curv transforms the cameras of regular mobile devices into motion capture tools (to capture running, shooting, pitching and performing other sporting movements) to use as a versatile diagnostic tool that recognizes areas of skill improvement and identifies potential injuries. Curv gives everyday athletes - specifically young athletes - advanced AI tech and 3D modelling to understand, track and share their process.

Runnin’ City.

Runnin’ City by Mile Positioning Solutions, founded by the 2 passionate sportsmen Olivier Lebleu (the runner) and Christophe Minodier (former judo practicer who became an ultra-trailer),
decided to join great alike-thinking minds and continue the creation of Runnin’ City as a duo. The idea came when Olivier, who had the spark of the idea during one of his many business trips. He faced the following problem over and over again, which was to not want to ignore his daily exercise routine and to be able to run without getting lost while wanting to use it to also discover a new city. Runnin’ City works like that, it lets users discover over 150 cities worldwide while running and/or walking by using their offered vocal GPS and audio guide, for anyone to enjoy, not have to look down at their mobile devices to find their way and to move seamlessly through new and exciting places.