WayBetter was founded by Jamie Rosen, a toy inventor who had the idea to use games to nudge people to live happier, healthier lives. Since launching in 2013 they have had nearly a million players all over the world and have paid out over $90 million in cash prizes to their winners. Along the way, they teamed up with Brown Medical School to create an innovative blend of behavioral economics, gamification, and social support. Based in science, it has worked extremely effectively. Today they measure their success not just in dollars but in the thousands of lives they have helped transform. In 2019, they received a $1 million research grant from the NIH (in the US) to develop new games that improve behavioral health (stay tuned for the launch of WayBetter Health).

The Startup.

What makes their games so effective? Motivation. Accountability. Community. All blended together into social games that make it fun for players to set manageable goals ... and stick to them. What started out as a social weight-loss game (DietBet) has blossomed into multiple games that motivate people to make healthier decisions in their day-to-day lives to exercise regularly, sit less, eat better, and (soon) manage stress, sleep more, curb addictions, and learn new skills. Waybetter is building the world's first goal-oriented social network.

Team & Founders.

Have you ever liked a product so much that you wanted to work at the company that makes it? At Waybetter half of the employees started as players with no intention of ever working for the company (they post job openings in their game feeds). Hiring customers has led to a unique culture at Waybetter: a diverse team where everyone gets what they are all about and is passionate about helping others succeed.

"We relate to our customers because we are our customers!" - Jamie Rosen