A race can change your life. Finishing your first 5k, marathon or triathlon is proof that you can do and be more than you previously thought, giving you a level of confidence that trickles down and enriches all areas of your life. Racecheck is a community and race discovery platform with a mission to enhance people's lives through event participation. Our review platform helps participants find that special challenge that will give them an unforgettable experience, while at the same time helping organisers drive more entries through their own websites and enhance their digital marketing efforts via our review widget.

The Startup.

Racecheck (racecheck.com) is a website and iOS app, facilitating customised race search by using specific criteria like sport type, distance, location etc, and then helping athletes decide whether the event suits them by reading race reviews from past participants. Our business model is that of a B2B SaaS subscription, collecting reviews on race organisers behalf, and then showcasing those reviews in a beautifully presented and discreet review widget on their websites. The independent nature of the platform gives participants more confidence that the reviews are uncensored, helping organisers drive more entries on their own websites and reduce reliance on expensive marketplaces. Furthermore, reviews help enhance the digital marketing efforts of the organisers, as star rating snippets and rich review text can help improve click through rates in Google by as much as 10%, which also contributed to reducing reliance on social media platform advertising to drive traffic. Racecheck has become the largest race review platform with over 35,000 reviews, and looking to become a staple product and value-add tool for every race worldwide.

Team & Founders.

Racecheck was co-founded by siblings Alexandros Tanti (CEO) and Katerina Tanti (Community & Sales) who since 2009 have participated in 70+ endurance events around the world, meanwhile identifying a clear need from athletes and race organisers for a platform such as Racecheck. They have now grown into a team of 8 spread across London and Greece, with deep technological and market expertise, industry veterans and even past Triathlon World Champions helping them grow into a leading global platform.

"It is our mission to get as many people as possible developing a belief system that they can go after any goal and achieve greatness in life, to show you how a great race can truly become a catalyst for a life-changing experience. Reviews and the power of community associated with the act of helping peers make better race choices are pivotal to this mission, because it helps people uncover the events where such a transformative experience is possible." - Co-Founders Racecheck