OME Health is an evidence-based, personalised nutrition for health company established in 2016 in London. Health is the next big trend in food and nutrition after access, cost, and convenience have already been solved. Increasing rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and other chronic conditions is a testament of ineffectiveness of global and national dietary guidelines. At OME Health they believe that health will be delivered through personalisation of nutrition. They do this by collecting biological and digital health data and convert it to evidence-based nutrition intervention programmes focused on achieving measurable health outcomes.

The Startup.

Most nutrition decisions we currently take are largely uninformed and not necessarily in the best interest of our health. OME Health delivers a more informed approach to your nutrition decisions in an engaging and motivating manner.

OME Health offers 12-week digital nutrition and health coaching programmes focused on achieving specific health outcomes using biological testing– from weight loss and blood pressure reduction, to improving nutrition to support your training. The programmes include an initial at home biological testing kit, online assessment with weekly goals - focused on building healthy habits - and live chats with a dedicated dietitian. It also offers personalised Weekly Meal Plans tailored for individual nutritional needs.

The company works with corporate partners in the food industry (retailers, food manufacturers, caterers) to offer OME programmes to end consumers. OME Health has coached over 5,000 individuals to date.

Team & Founders.

Karolis Rosickas is Founder and CEO of OME Health. Prior to founding OME Health, Karolis was a CFO of Danone regional early life and clinical nutrition units and has completed a professional certificate programme in Genomics at Stanford University. Aidas Pranculis is a Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at OME Health with degrees in biosciences and medical genetics. During the last 3 years at OME Health, he has developed health data collection and analytics platform to deliver personalised nutrition interventions to individuals. The founders are supported by the team of nutritionists, dietitians, product, and software engineers to deliver our nutrition service to clients.

"Real fresh food is the best tasting medicine." - Karolis Rosickas, Founder OME