Better online booking, easier administration and more fun racket sports. MATCHi is a complete racket sports system, not just a traditional booking system, with coach, course and even best-in-class competitive league support.

While automating boring and time-consuming tasks for venues and making them accessible 24/7 with or without staff, MATCHi also matches people with each other and with the available racket sports venues and their offers. As a nice side effect, profitability for clubs switching to MATCHi skyrockets.

MATCHi provides the solution for clubs seeking a simple but full featured booking system, better customer service, or increased accessibility through automating a venue's lighting controls and entry access codes.

The Startup.

MATCHi aims to facilitate more fun matches of racket sports. They want to make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable, even if it is only in a small everyday way. Each building block no matter how small is important, and they are determined to be one of the builders of a better and more fun world. They do this with their own products and services, all aiming at increasing revenue and decrease admin for clubs and at the same time simplify and make it more fun and engaging for players.

MATCHi is passionate about racket sports, public health, sports associations and entrepreneurship. With brave hearts, focused minds and cooperation with the racket sports world, they develop the future of accessible, fun and profitable racket sports.

Team & Founders.

MATCHi was funded by Daniel Ekman and Mattias Lundström in 2012. The team consists of dedicated programmers, sports nerds, design and UX gurus, gym and health freaks, project management afficionados and product development professionals who together have developed a platform with several hundred thousand users and purchases each month.

The team is having fun making life easier for people, while working hard and being dedicated, with passion abound. They offer flexible hours, encourage creativity and innovation, but are also effective and efficient. At MATCHi ambition and fun go hand-in-hand.