Fun With Balls.

FUN WITH BALLS creates new forms of activity to reinvent/ disrupt classic sports with an addictive mix of sports and e-sports. Transitioning these sports to a platform based activity using software and sensor technologies.
It has become their mission to make the world more active by making real sports as addictive as computer gaming and do to sports what the smartphone did to communication.


I love technology and I also like to keep myself and my son active. This is why I am so passionate about making ROXs rock! I want everyone to enjoy getting active with A-Champs and ROXs. - Wayne Lin, Co-Founder & CTO.

The Startup.

    FWB’s platforms and hardware upgrade existing and new facilities to create new forms of sports. Creating new sources of revenue for exiting locations and building complete eco systems in the process. Offering the possibility of a two hour workout while being completely immersed in a computer game or giving children an active alternative to spending time on a tablet. They enable operators to increase revenues by attracting larger audiences to their facilities. FUN WITH BALLS reinvents how sports are played and makes them fit for the new form of sports to come.

Team & Founders.

FWB’s leadership team, helmed by Markos Aristides Kern consists of highly diverse professionals from multiple industries. Markos started his first company at the age of 20 (still active today), made his name creating big shows in the advertising industry and launched the first surf school of North Korea. Being able to launch the company out of his innovation consulting agency, he was joined by CTO Benjamin Piltz, a seasoned hard and software developer with a strong focus on sensors and C++ applications. The latest addition to the C-Suite is industrial designer and TUM lecturer Wotan Wilden, who has helped over 150 startups creating and getting their products to market as a head designer of the University of Munich.

"Meaningful technology changing our behavior will be the key to a healthy lifestyle. We need to make all of society embrace physical activity and for us FUN is the key to do so." - Markos Aristides Kern, Founder FWB