The Startups.

Sports gamification technology, personalised nutrition coaching or a global community platform designed for endurance sports enthusiasts, are a few of the solutions offered by 2019’s batch of the Tenkan-Ten Program. Each in their own way are united by the commitment they share with ASICS to getting the world moving through innovation in sports and well-being.


OME Health is an evidence-based, personalised nutrition for health company. Nutrition is the primary driver of human health. Every person takes over 200 nutrition decisions a day and most of these decisions are largely uninformed and are not based on our health and nutrition needs. OME Health is building a nutrition intelligence software that develops data-driven personalized recommendations to help people achieve their health goals and build a healthy relationship with food.

Fun With Balls.

FUN WITH BALLS creates new forms of activity to reinvent/ disrupt classic sports with an addictive mix of sports and e-sports. To do so, they transition these sports to a platform based activity using software and sensor technologies, making it their mission make the world more active by making real sports as addictive as computer gaming and do to sports what the smartphone did to communication.


Dubbed the Trip-Advisor for sport, Racecheck is a community and race discovery platform, helping athletes of all levels find, book and plan great races around the world through the power of race reviews. Founded in the UK in 2016 by two siblings, Racecheck currently boasts one of the largest global event directories with thousands of reviewed events and tens of thousands of athletes using it to discover great events around the world. It is also used by over 1200 race organisers globally to help promote their events to new audiences and drive more entries.


"Fun can change human behavior for the better" - Kevin Richardson, winner of the Volkswagen Fun Theory award

WayBetter was founded by Jamie Rosen, a toy inventor who had a simple but powerful idea to use games to nudge people to live happier, healthier lives. Since 2013, they've paid out $90 million to their winners who have collectively lost 13 million pounds and walked and run 100 million miles.


Search, book, play - easy, fun and accessible racket sports. MATCHi provides an online platform which connects individuals with racket sports venues and manages venue bookings, payments and facilities. Daniel Ekman and Mattias Lundström, founders of MATCHi believe that with a phone in your hand, you should easily be able to find an available court nearby, an available partner or a course at the right level for you. They also found a way to increase accessibility by automating access and lighting so that access is granted and courts are lit only during times when they are booked. Both profitable and environmentally friendly!
MATCHi makes racket sports not only fun, easy and convenient for players, but also simple, modern & profitable for the board, managers, administrators and trainers at every club or venue working with them.

Gen Padel.

ASICS Generation Padel is joining TENKAN-TEN as an in-house project combining the strength of ASICS as a global brand with the startup-ability to operate and react to market needs with high velocity and flexibility. By providing customizable subscription-based services to Padel players, Generation Padel aims to improve the general joy of this sport. First services include the possibility of testing products at home to ensure a right and satisfying choice, an insurance for broken and stolen shoes & rackets, and the upgrade of your equipment to the newest collection every year – all for low monthly rates. In addition, subscribers profit from the Generation Padel community, have access to exclusive events, and get the chance to get to know ASICS professional players. The provided benefits will continuously grow in the future, for instance aiming to facilitate pitch booking and team creation.