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Barcelona – the Smart City, Mobile Capital and Leading Startup City

Living in Barcelona is something that is undoubtedly very attractive to international professionals. The good weather all year round, the combination and proximity of the beach and the mountains, the cuisine, the culture, the creativity, the people… and, in short, the quality of life, has made Barcelona an attractive place for international talent.  A global … Continued

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Sports, Well-Being & Tech

Corporate Venturing: How start-ups and scale-ups can help the big players in sports industries with open innovations

The term is not new and pretty much speaks for itself. You surely have heard about it many times, but in case you didn’t, here’s a quick definition: corporate venturing it’s a corporate entrepreneurship where large companies create collaborations with start-ups and entrepreneurs to boost their innovation. The business model of this concept is almost … Continued

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Possibilities for innovations when corporations and startups merge approaches

The big corporations – known for taking over any market on the horizon and being semi-flexible to change, new ways of working and innovation. Yet those days, we’d say, are long gone. Corporations now have ever more, started working with startups. Why? Let’s see what the involvement of both have in store for each other … Continued

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Onitsuka’s ASICS

Kihachiro Onitsuka, who was tired of selling bootleg beer, went into the shoe business following World War ll. In the ensuing decades he built his Kobe-based company into the biggest athletic footwear and apparel maker in Japan and the fifth-biggest in the world. In September 1949 he established Onitsuka Co., Ltd. with only four employees. … Continued

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Tenkan-Ten and its meaning

Tenkan-Ten, a word you do not hear often or regularly. One gets questioned quite often ‘what does it actually mean?’. Well, let’s sort that big question mark out. ‘Tenkan-Ten’ means ‘Tipping Point’. A tipping point is the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more … Continued

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